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items per age : the diaper counter

This function allows to declare how many items a card holder can get according his/her age.

E.g a baby less than 6 months old is entitled to 36 diapers per week, between 6 months and one year the baby should get up to 24 diapers, and for the second year only 12. After 2 years no more free diapers. 

These can now be entered directly to the settings. When the card (the baby card) is scanned, the system automatically decides how many diapers the baby is entitled for according to the age and the settings.

There could be a give away of pencils for 7 year olds or  learning books for 13 to 15  year olds, etc.

The clou: in case of diapers, the mother can send the son or the daughter to get the diapers. It is the (baby) card that is entitlted. The give away is much more simplified as the number of items to give away is shown on screen.

(next function: no more babies! Google deep mind will give birth for you)