Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Icelandic organisations and volunteers should advertise at greecevol!

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At present 16.000 people all over Europe are known to volunteer for aid to refugees. 

Greecevol has a focus on refugees in Greece or coming from Greece - collection of Medical supplies, food, wearables, funding for NGOs and temp projects, driving assistance, housing, communication, tearching, medical health, physical health, recovery and search, and much much more. 

Many volunteers never visit Greece - they just give their time in their homeland.

Greecevol is a GREAT database - but its missing calls for volunteers and aid INSIDE of national borders.

IF you are a Danish volunteer running a project, or you are working for an NGO, greecevol is a great place to apply for volunteers.

By maintaining a continued focus on the problems of refugees and migrants, we keep the flame alive - towards a hopeful and positive resulution to it all in the not too distant future. One can hope - but one can also work towards that goal.

Thank you for listening.