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28. October 2018
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28. October 2018
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Including local restaurants ...

Tourist seasons is coming to an end and many local restaurants are mostly emtpy. Why not have one day a week were these restaurants make food for refugees.

The restaurants that join will offer once a week (or any time they want)  a meal for a group of refugees. The price is fixed before and is just a litte more than the expenses. A selected group of refugees will have the opportunity to go there and eat. NGO will assist in bringing the people there. Volunteers  accomany the group.

The event is posted on the Internet on a dedicated website to promote relations between refugees and local businesses.

The event is buidling briges to local businesses and locals as people. They help the refugees by offering low cost but quality food. The volunteer community assists and pays and promotes the restaurant on the Internet by writing about the event.
  • we build brigdes between locals and the refugees
  • the restaurants receive publicity through the event
  • an event is affordable (~€150)
  • refugees benefit by having a good meal in friendly atmosphere
This is an simple way that refugees as well  local restaurant profit.