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  25. March 2018

Driving in Lesbos -- moving goods, bringing items to Greece, etc.

When bringing aid to Lesvos please be aware of the restrictions of the authorities. Please be aware of this before you come to Le...

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  26. November 2023

Small Business Owners Can Play a Vital Role In Improving Communities' Health And Wellness

Small businesses bring much needed energy and vibrancy to any community, helping to create unique cultures that residents can take pride in. Not only that, but small...

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  6. August 2016

I have medical skills. How do I help?

In addition to the Volunteers Needed listings here on the site, also search the Teams directory by 'medical / health care.' And join and post in the Facebook group Medics for Greece, http://www.facebo...

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  6. August 2016

I speak Arabic / Farsi / Urdu etc. How can I help?

Speakers of Arabic, Farsi, Kurdish, Urdu and more are needed all over. Many of the camps are a majority of one nationality. Please see (work by skill set) for a chart...

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  6. August 2016

I want to come [on any date more than two weeks from now]. Will my help still be needed?

Short answer: yes. As for's hard to say in advance, as the situation changes frequently. Please prep by reading You can safely commit to buying a ticke...

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  6. August 2016

Why isn't there a "Volunteers Offered" section? I'm sure my skills would be useful somewhere.

There are so many talented volunteers with great skills--but very few admins, and no one with the capacity to sift through a huge list of volunteers and their skills and trip dates.* This is why we le...

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  16. August 2016

I don't have any special skills. Can I still help?

Yes, definitely! This whole response has been driven by regular people with energy and time to commit. See the "volunteer starter kit" page on this site, particularly the main Google doc....

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