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  23. February 2016

Are You Syrious? news

Daily updates on the situation, from Turkey up through the Balkans. Also at

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  26. January 2016

News That Moves [for reference only; ARCHIVE]

InterNews's funding for this project has ended as of May 2017. Still listed here as an archive. Also of note, at the same site (and also archived): ...

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  30. March 2016

Arabic broadcasts on Greek TV

News bulletins in Arabic, after the usual Greek news broadcasts on ERT1 (Greek: EPT1) at 16:00, 19:00 and 22:00. Stream online....

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  14. November 2018

One of the best reporting on Israel/Palestine! About +972 Magazine is a blog-based web magazine that is jointly owned by a group of journalists, bloggers, and photographers whose ...

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  17. November 2018

Neue Rheinische Zeitung

Das NRhZ TeamUnser HintergrundIn ihrer unabhängigen, engagierten und kritischen Berichterstattung orientiert sich die N...

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  16. December 2018

Media lens

about Since 2001, we have been describing how mainstream newspapers and broadcasters operate as a propaganda system for the elite interests that dominate modern society. The costs of thei...

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  24. February 2019

Hands Off Venezuela

US interventions in other countries – a.k.a regime change – have brought innumerable suffering and death to millions but never fulfilled the stated aims: Af...

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  2. June 2016

Refugees Deeply

In-depth analysis of the refugee situation, following the model of Syria Deeply....

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  27. September 2016

refugees tv

refugee-produced reports التحدث عن معاناة الاجئيين...

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  11. December 2016

Boat Report - Lesvos

FB page where Lesvos boat arrivals are posted. (May not be totally complete.)...

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