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  15. February 2016

Information Point for Lesvos Volunteers

Facebook group for discussion...

*Lesvos basics* | Greece: Lesvos
  26. January 2016

Lesvos Volunteers ride sharing

FB page for ride sharing....

*Lesvos basics* | Greece: Lesvos
  26. January 2016

Lesvos Volunteers accommodation sharing

FB page to share accommodation....

*Lesvos basics* | Greece: Lesvos
  26. January 2016

Lesvos Volunteer Map

All the spots on it (shopping, hotels, camps, beaches, etc) are also under 'Places' on this site. Click each point for more info (phone numbers, bus schedules, etc). You can hide layers that aren't ...

maps | *Lesvos basics* | Greece: Lesvos
  10. February 2016

UNHCR Lesvos newsletter

Sign up to receive weekly email with arrivals data, weekly meeting minutes, contact lists, and more. Anyone can sign up--don't be put off by the questions about what organization you're with. (But ...

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  23. February 2016

Volunteer registration on Lesvos (Ministry of the Aegean)

Police registration for groups and individual volunteers is required, and can be done via email before you arrive, or at the Ministry of the Aegean in person. **If link is not working (site goes do...

*Lesvos basics* | Greece: Lesvos
  25. March 2018

Driving in Lesbos -- moving goods, bringing items to Greece, etc.

When bringing aid to Lesvos please be aware of the restrictions of the authorities. Please be aware of this before you come to Le...

FAQs | donations | *Lesvos basics* | Greece: Lesvos
  26. January 2016

Information for Volunteers on Lesvos (Google doc)

Want to volunteer on Lesvos? This is all the information you need to get started--and plenty more after that....

*Lesvos basics* | Greece: Lesvos
  2. June 2016

Refugee Crisis Reality Check

Good overview of what to expect as a volunteer -- mental prep, rather than logistical. Compiled by Campfire Innovation....

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  8. November 2016

WhatsApp groups -- master list

See this post on FB for instructions on how to join various WhatsApp groups (including translation ones)...

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