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  25. July 2018

A student activist stood up against a man's deportation!

A student refused to take her seat in a plane until a 52-year-old asylum-seeker, who was ultimately to be sent back to Afghanistan, was removed from the flight. ...

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  2. October 2018

Unprotected, Unsupported,Uncertain | IRC report

Recommendations to improve the mental health of asylum seekers on Lesvos Asylum seekers living at Moria, the reception and identification center on the Greek island of Lesvos, are under eno...

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  11. October 2018

Nowhere to Go: Refugees Fear Closure of Greek Camp That Has River of Sewage and 12-Hour Waits for Meals | the Intercept

Artilce on Moria Camp The question of accuracy is, however, given: hoping to eat has to wait anywhere from five to 12 hours in line to be served a single meal ...

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  12. November 2018

The third option | A different economic model as an answer to the migration

Migration to EU drops sharply, for now ...

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  12. November 2018

Zur Flüchtlingsdebatte Zur Fl&u...

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  20. November 2018

Der ganz gewöhnliche Imperialismus oder Wenn Syrien stirbt, dann stirbt die Welt


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  3. December 2018

«Bashar al-Assad ist ein guter Präsident» | von Helmut Scheben

Helmut Scheben / 03. Dez 2018 - Der Krieg gegen die syrische Regierung hat ...

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  8. October 2020

Reichstags-Würstchen mit ARD-Senf


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  7. September 2021

Community Spirit: How to Integrate as a New Local Business

For any business, big or small, it’s important to integrate with your local community. Doing so is essential for building new partnerships, establishing a customer base, and ensuring your wor...

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