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  10. February 2016

Life Vest Upcycling

Collected wisdom and ideas

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  10. February 2016


For sending international money wires with lower fees. Money earned through this referral link will be donated to refugee efforts.

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  10. February 2016

Guidelines for Medicine Donations

From the World Health Organization

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  13. February 2016

Aegean Shopping Directory

Awesome Aegean! Recommended refugee-friendly shops and other services on the islands, and some around Athens and Thessaloniki. Support local business!

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  10. February 2016

Luggage-fee waiver letter template

Coordinate with the group you're working with to add signature and registered charity/NGO letterhead, then file with your airline.

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  10. February 2016

Warehouse categories/labels

Print for use in warehouses, or when preparing donations to send. Designed by Cyril Romann.

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  25. March 2018

Driving in Lesbos -- moving goods, bringing items to Greece, etc.

When bringing aid to Lesvos please be aware of the restrictions of the authorities. Please be aware of this before you come to Lesvos, although we are known as the island of solidarity the authorities here are becoming increasingly intimidating towards volunteers and those helping refugees. We do not hear of this amount problems on other islands or on the mainland even though people have to pass through these ports before reaching Lesvos. No foreign registered vehicles are allowed to move items inside Greece even if they are withing the 6 month allotted time! Fine 2000 euro and seizure of vehicle!!! Bringing items from outside of Greece in a foreign registered domestic vehicle 5000 euro fine and seizure of vehicle!!Moving goods around in none commercial Greek registered vehicles is also an offence and will result in number plate being taken and fines.Foreign registered vehicles can only be driven by the registered keeper, and may only remain in the country for six months in a year!Also be aware if you are driving here ensure that you are wearing your seat belt, that you have your driving license with you, if you are from outside the EU you will need an international driving license. Do not over load the vehicle with more passengers than it is licensed for. Be aware for turning restrictions.The incidents over the last weeks are to many to list, vans impounded, license taken, plates taken, please be extra careful!! Even moving items from a warehouse in Simi to lesvos resulted in many hours spent in customs, 2000 euro fine, van impounded, sniffer dogs brought in......the full treatment!! when they finally released the aid we had to hire a transport company to move it to the warehouse as they told us it was illegal to use our van. The original van remained impounded!!Also be aware if you arriving with aid in a suitcase, it is possible if you admit you are here to help refugees you may be questioned by the authorities. Stay Safe Everyone  

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  22. June 2016

Tips for Buying Aid for Refugees in Athens

collected by Anastasia Shepherd For a list of all shopping pins in Athens (dynamic, on this site), see, then click 'show results on map' to create a Google Map.

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  6. August 2016

Providing Housing for Refugees -- guidelines

Compiled documents for Athens volunteers provided by the Athens Volunteers Information and Coordination Group

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  7. August 2016

Lesvos shopping map

From this site: dynamic Google Map of all Lesvos shopping locations

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  7. August 2016

Athens shopping map

From this very site: all Athens shopping pins in Athens, on a Google Map.

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  7. August 2016

Northern Greece shopping map

From this site: all northern Greece shops on a Google Map.

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  25. January 2017

Coordination Group: Aid Transport and Logistics Greece

Facebook group for organizing aid shipments to Greece. Join if you will be sending large amounts.

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  25. January 2017

Warehouses in Greece

From this very site: all warehouses in the Places directory, pinned on a map.

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  10. September 2017


Organisations post their needs. Donors can pay for them to be purchased from local vendors. 

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