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  15. February 2016

Information Point for Greece Volunteers

General umbrella Facebook group. Ask questions here if you can't find answers at region-specific groups....

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  26. January 2016

Greece camps map

For easiest searching and orientation. All the spots on it are also under 'Places' on this site. ...

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  7. September 2021

Community Spirit: How to Integrate as a New Local Business

For any business, big or small, it’s important to integrate with your local community. Doing so is essential for building new partnerships, establishing a customer base, and ensuring your wor...

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  26. January 2016

How to Volunteer in Greece (Info for Greece Volunteers)

Basic info to get started, with brief profiles of camps and lists of which camps need which language skills....

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  2. June 2016

Refugee Crisis Reality Check

Good overview of what to expect as a volunteer -- mental prep, rather than logistical. Compiled by Campfire Innovation....

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  22. July 2016

Voluntariados en Grecia (info doc in Spanish)

Maintained by Bienvenidos Refugiados en Grecia....

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  19. October 2016

Safeguarding children / how to get a criminal background check

Compiled by Sumita Shah. Instructions for (highly recommended) procedure of getting official clearance to work with children....

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  25. October 2016

First-time volunteer FAQs

Right here on this very site. ...

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