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Psychosocial Support & Informal Education for Refugees on Samos, Greece
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SAMOS VOLUNTEERS was started during the summer of 2015 as a response to the growing numbers of refugees arriving on the island of Samos, Greece.

A few locals began working together to provide emergency assistance. Initially they focused on the issue of people arriving wet and cold from the sea, providing blankets, dry clothes and food. This however was just the beginning of what later would become an emergency that would require an expanded human workforce. After months of working unassisted, the island started receiving requests from people around the world interested in joining local Samos volunteers in providing assistance to the thousands of refugees that were now arriving to Samos’ shores. At this point international grassroots movements and charity organisations started working together and helped the local people in creating a group of volunteers dedicated to fulfill the needs of the growing number of people requiring asylum in Europe. Greece, being the entrance to Europe for people escaping conflict and persecution in their home countries, has become the epicenter of the current crisis. Therefore many other Europeans and people from all over the world have felt the urge to come and show their solidarity together with local people. This is how Samos Volunteers started, more than 3 years ago. 

Nowadays, Samos Volunteers is committed to staying on the island until this crisis is over. We provide psychosocial support and informal education to the more than 4,000 people living in the refugee camp. Our Alpha Centre, the hub of our activities, offers more than 105 classes a week, from languages (English, French, Greek, German and Spanish), to breakdance, music, yoga, sewing, and more. Our Laundry Station washes and dries more than 1,200 bags of laundry a month, giving the simple dignity of clean clothes to more than 750 people a month. Our Kid's Activities up in the camp twice a day ensure that kid's get at least 3 hours were they are allowed to play, laugh, and be kids again. 

Want to help keep the Alpha Centre open? Teach classes? Keep our laundry machines running? Dance to the hokey pokey with the kids? Come volunteers with us! 

-  20+ and a minimum of 4 weeks required 

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