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The Open Cultural Center (OCC) is a voluntary organization that creates learning and cultural programmes for refugees living in Polikastro, Greece.
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The OCC was formed in early April 2016 through the collective initiative of independent volunteers in the Idomeni refugee camp. Refugee and international volunteers worked together to deliver classes and create a safe space for both children and adults to continue learningWith the closure of the Idomeni camp on 24 May, 2016, the OCC  followed refugees into formal camps in Cherso and Sounio, bringing its experience and resources to continue a programme of refugee-led classes, workshops and cultural activities.  OCC currently provides non-formal education in Polikastro, northern Greece. The Polikastro Cultural Center project was born in February 2017 to offer educational and cultural support as well as the integration of  refugees that are relocated from camps to houses and apartments through integrating projects which facilitate their integration an improvement for the local Greek economy. We also take part in working groups and are members of the national forums (in northern Greece) which work towards the coordination of both humanitarian projects as well as programs for development and education for refugees. The OCC formally registered as a non profit association in June 2016 under the name Open Cultural Center in Greece and Spain. 

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