Refugee Biriyani & Bananas: the streets project

Food for the Refugees in Thessaloniki Parks / train station and also Vaichori camp
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The 'Streets' Project This project was set up to support homeless refugees in Thessaloniki living unsheltered in streets, parks and abandoned building. In July I came to Thessaloniki on a big food aid mission to help the refugees from Idomeni now living in military camps. However I found a more vulnerable group of people that I couldn't turn my back on. I spent my time coordinating and feeding the homeless refugees with the help of a dedicated team of volunteers from all over Europe and Thessaloniki mosque. I funded the food, provided meal plans for the chef to ensure variety and nutrition, organised volunteers and vehicles for distribution. Volunteers had been providing food and water, however other than bananas everything else was not regular due to volunteer turnover and lack of resources. All the volunteers who have been involved from the beginning no matter where they are now will always be pioneers in getting this started as they were an inspiration to me. When I was leaving no one else came forward to take on the responsibility so I decided regardless of where I was in the world I was, I would continue to fulfil this responsibility. Coordinating from the UK became difficult however with the dedication of an on the ground coordinator it was possible to continue. Currently the responsiblity to provide bananas and water in the morning has been taken on by Team Bananas and 'Streets' continues to coordinate lunch and dinner every day for these people in conjunction with lots of different kitchens. Currently Kalachori kitchen are doing lunch and Soul Food Kitchen are doing dinner. Over the last two months we have progressed to regular medical rounds, distribution of clothes, shoes, general necessities and children's activities (when we can). But it is not enough. These are the most vulnerable of the refugees in Greece as they live unsheltered in open air, with a lack of basic sanitation, support from the Greek government and no supplies. Help Refugees Charity have given the 'Streets' project a designated warehouse space so we can now store aid. We continue to take on this responsibility until there is a more permanent solution. The numbers vary, averaging 300 people. I have restarted fundraising specifically to continue: - Providing snacks and drinks in between meals. - To provide general supplies and basic necessities. - To provide children's activities, arts and crafts. Please help raise funds to enable us to continue supplying nutrition, water and other supplies such as baby products, sunscreen, sanitary items and cleansing wipes. Alternatively you may drop these items at our designated warehouse space. Private message If you need any information on how you can support us. I can't begin to tell you how much these people need us. Please support us in whatever way you can. Because nobody should have to go without. PayPal:

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