Bê Sînor - Sinatex Cultural Center

"Bê Sînor" (No Border in Kurdish) is a space for the 300 kurdish refugees stranded at Sinatex Camp in Greece, to be educated, make art and be human again.
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We started teaching as independent volunteers about one month ago in Sinatex Camp. In order to be more independent we got a plot of land in front of the camp, where we put up a space for kids and adults to learn, be creative and get out of the daily camp routine. A team of seven teachers, all of them are residents in the camp apart from the english and german teachers, started working with kids and adults. There are lesson in arabic, kurdish, math, drawing, geography, biology, german and english. Apart from this we held yoga classes, theatre workshops, soccer games or gardening workshops. Next to cultural and teaching activities we built a tool shed, where people can borrow tools to create their own furniture. This space is what the people who are there make out of it. Every Volunteer can bring their own spirit and ideas, only with the contribution of everyone this place will grow.

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