We provide vital information about rights and the asylum procedures for displaced refugees and volunteers who want to help them through the process.
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There are more than 60,000 refugees in Greece and an overwhelming demand for information to understand what is happening to them.

As an organisation that has been working with information for refugees for the past two years in Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Germany, Holland and the Greek Islands and mainland Greece, we are aware that asylum seekers in Greece are struggling to understand the processes which can result in them facing deportion after receiving a negative decision.

Unaccompanied minors in particular are responsible for their own asylum applications and struggle to understand what they need to do access their rights. Refugees in general are struggling to integrate into a destabilised and bureaucratic Greek economy and society. Survival becomes paramount.

People from the refugee community need to be able to communicate with the authorities, service providers and legal advisers about their situation. When this is not possible, vulnerable individuals may be unable to access appropriate guidance or care.

We make it our mission to provide people with quality information in their mother tongue in a format that they prefer. This gives people knowledge and the opportunity they need to take back some control over their own lives in situations where they would otherwise be powerless.

We source information: checking dates, legality and rumour to produce, translate and distribute accurate information for refugees. The information we provide is focused on the bureaucratic processes in Greece - from asylum in Greece to family reunification and relocation, support for unaccompanied minors and vulnerable people to appealing against negative decisions.

In 2018 we won the Translators Without Borders 'Humanitarian Communicator Award' beating the Red Cross, The Red Crescent and the World Health Organisation. 

We create documents, videos and audio files to get information to refugees in a format that works for them. Many refugees cannot read and this is particularly true of minors. We get into camps, squats and meeting places on the mainland to get information to refugees directly - to give them the best chance of understanding the system and preparing them for the various stages within it. We are thge ONLY organisation providing any meaningful information to refugees in their mother tongue about the Greek Asylum procedures. 

We train volunteers so that they have a rudimentary but accurate understanding of the processes that they can share with refugees.


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