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The No Border School is an educational collective that provides language classes in Athens. Our aim is to open lines of communication between people.
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15. September 2016
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The No Border School is an educational collective of people who believe that we are all students and teachers who can learn from one another. We started to provide language classes at the Piraeus Port and at its closure moved to different venues in central Athens. The aim is tot allow language and cultural exchange between people living in Athens due to the closing of borders and the people who have come to support and help. We do not differentiate between volunteers, refugees, activists, and migrants. We believe that language education enables self-empowerment and hope that our school will help people stand up for their rights and more fully participate in society. Currently, we provide English classes and hope to provide more languages soon. "No Border" also means that we are not settled down in just one venue but that we are always open to collaborate with different projects and we are proud to be able to be flexible to changes according to the needs in Athens. AMAZON wish list:

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