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Lesvos Solidarity is the main organisation behind Pikpa camp and Mosaik Centre.

Lesvos Solidarity's mission is to provide community-based solidarity spaces in which we:
- Give dignified shelter and support to people in need
- Promote integration by developing skills and knowledge, creating job opportunities and connecting with local society

PIKPA is an open refugee camp in Mytilene, Lesvos. It a self-organised, autonomous space run by volunteers and is built on the principle of solidarity. Pikpa opened three years ago and is now a growing and evolving camp in response to the dynamic nature of the refugee crisis on the island.

WHAT & WHO? Pikpa provides refugees with shelter and hospitality but not registration. The refugees who stay at Pikpa are some of the most vulnerable: disabled, sick, pregnant and the families of victims of shipwrecks. We offer food, clothes, hygiene kits, medical assistance. We also organize activities for children, language classes and social support.

ACTIVITIES: When required, we provide food to refugees at the port & Moria and to struggling Greek families. Ay busy times, we have delivered up to 2000 meals a day. We distribute clothes and blankets to new arrivals. We also welcome boat arrivals on the Mytilene coast, ensure that refugees safely disembark and transport the most vulnerable and/or disabled to the hospital or camps.

AIMS: We believe that no human is illegal and that borders should be open. Pikpa is the only open camp in Lesvos and it is our dream that all refugee reception centres are run in this way. Our main objective is to stand in active solidarity with the refugees and fight against the barbaric European immigration policies. We raise awareness and do advocacy work around human rights violations and any acts of humiliation, violence and attacks against refugees. We work with local people to involve them in our work in order to promote community and sustainable action.

DONATIONS AND VOLUNTEERS: We rely on the kindness of individuals. For clothes and food donations and for volunteering, please message us. Volunteers take on a number of tasks including cleaning, maintenance, food distribution, clothes organisation and distribution.

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