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Médecins du Monde-Doctors of the World Greece was founded in 1990 and is part of the International network of MdM that consists of 15 delegation offices in the world (Argentina, Belgium, Canada, France , Germany, Greece , Japan , Luxemburg, Netherlands Portugal, Spain , Sweden ,Switzerland , United Kingdom and U.S.A.) At the same time, though, it remains a genuinely Greek organization, taking its own path based on circumstances particular to Greece, while maintaining financial and administrative independence and transparency. Completing 25 consecutive years of action in 2015, MdM-Greece has been acknowledged as a credible and effective organization that fosters the sense of solidarity within the Greek Community. Having conducted numerous humanitarian aid programmes in Greece and in developing countries, Greek doctors, administration, medical staff and technical experts continue to offer their voluntary services. MdM-Greece with more than 600 volunteers since its foundation, in more than 50 countries around the world, contributes to medical and humanitarian aid programmes. Throughout the years, medical and humanitarian aid programmes have been carried out in Iraq, Lebanon, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Serbia, Sudan, Palestine, Haiti, Gaza, Uganda, Tanzania, Algeria etc. On the programme’s field, Médecins du Monde- Doctors of the World Greece work with other international Non Governmental Organizations in order to more efficiently provide humanitarian aid to people in need.

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