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collects donations and delivers them around Greece
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Q: What is Allied Aid?
A: Allied Aid is a grassroots organization working to meet the critical needs of refugees stranded in Greece.

Q: Where does the funding for Allied Aid come from?
A: Allied Aid is 100 percent supported by donors and supporters like you, thank you! Each of our campaigns have been fully funded through the donations of private people and groups. We regularly thank our donors in person and on social media and offer various levels of corporate sponsorship. If you are interested in information about becoming a corporate sponsor, please contact James Faircloth at

Q: Can I volunteer with you?
A: We'd love to have your help. Our teammate Rita Continakis lives, works and volunteers in Athens and the rest of us travel to Greece as often as possible. Please contact us at for more information about how you can help! If you have professional skills you would like to share with Allied Aid, please include a resume or CV.

Q: How do you choose your projects?
A: Most of our projects are problems and needs we have identified either during our trips to Greece or while following various social media posts from the camps and groups in Greece. If you have an idea for a project, we'd love to hear about it.

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