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Vriandos 33 Kypseli 11364 - ATHENS TIN: 997265824 Tax: 13 ATHENS tel .: 6944708367 Agortsas Nikos mail: PURPOSES AND OBJECTIVES OF MELLIFERA SOCIETY : Volunteer-eco-management Mellifera is involved in humanitarian volunteer programs in collaboration with other networks, organizations and citizens' groups. Displays the producers' initiative "without intermediaries" and small businesses for the dissemination of healthy eating and organic products. Organizes educational programs and seminars, to enhance local employment and particularly young people, women and disabled. ENVIRONMENT : Tours Mellifera organizes boat trips for the development of ecotourism, rural tourism and marine tourism in order to study, promotion, enhancement and protection of the marine area of Trizonia islands in the Gulf of Corinth based in Aigio. : zoophilia Mellifera in cooperation with other networks, organizations and groups of citizens, support the protection of animals and to promote animal welfare. : Composting and biological crop-superfoods Mellifera organizes seminars to promote rural tourism (theory and practice) to the study of organic farming, the benefits of super foods and healthy eating and composting and its relationship with the domestic economy Aegio seat. CIVILIZATION : Art Mellifera organizes visual arts exhibitions to highlight the arts in Greece, in mutually supportive cooperation with other networks and groups of artists from Greece and abroad. :Music Mellifera organizes music festivals and events to promote the art of music and the development of international relations with the aim of common activities and common programs and the creation of musical groups (fan clubs) in order to exchange ideas and study of music styles, as well as youth information. :Cinema Mellifera organizes film seminars (theory and practice) for young people, and their simultaneous participation in collaboration with festivals in Greece and abroad, for the cultivation and expression of young people, of their searches both artistically, and in environmental and social problems. ACTIONS MELLIFERA Since March 2016 actively participate in the Piraeus Port structures Ritsona and Scaramanga for refugees in cooperation with UNHCR, the Coast Guard, the Navy and other Greek and foreign organizations, putting music from their countries and showcasing their culture entitled action "WE ARE ONE WORLD". 19-12-2015 "FREE HUGS" at FOKIONOS NEGRI - ATHENS: Free music and hugs in the Christmas spirit in cooperation with the "". 11-12-13 / 12/2015 The subsidiary FRANK ZAPPA FAN CLUB GREECE in cooperation with vinyl festival "VINYL IS BACK" awards two important Greek music journalisms, Cornelius Diamantopoulos and George Haronitis to disseminate the work of FRANK ZAPPA. 29.11.2015 "AIGIO DANCES AND PAINTS AGAINST CLIMATE CHANGE" part of the World Climate Action in cooperation with AVAAZ. 18/10/2015 "JOURNEY TO THE SEA" educational program for primary and secondary school students, in collaboration with the "SKASIARHEIO" and Zafos Xagoraris in Grove Champ PEDION TOU AREOS, in Athens. 19-20-21 / 06/15 International mail art exhibition entitled "RESIST" in cooperation with "RESISTANCE FESTIVAL". 10-05 2015 Seminar on COMPOSTING in Aegio in civil group. 22/03/15 Tribute to FRANK ZAPPA in Comics-bar with live music "zoolixo ligo". The mellifera holds a comprehensive electronic record of its actions in files. FOUNDERS OF MELLIFERA BRIEF C.V. NICK AGORTSAS Nick was born in '58 in Piraeus. He studied at the Academic Merchant Navy School of Aspropyrgos and speaks English. From 1973 until today he has worked in cargos, tankers, tourist and private yachts from 15-50 meters long, as second mate, first mate and captain holds license speedboat and trainer water ski and jet ski. He has attended the following seminars at the Merchant Marine Training Center (KESEN). 1.program specific training in medical care MEDICAL CARE 2.special training in HAZMAT hazardous loads 3.semulator bridge course 4.special firefighting training ASPROPYRGOS' SCHOOL 5.programm specific training in using radar D / F course of unloading operator Universal World Distress and Safety System (GENERAL OPERATOR GMDSS) 7. training course of unloading in RO / RO ships and LPG 8. training course of unloading of passenger ships officer conduct Member of Federation officers yachts link and lower Piraeus crews, Network Mediterranean S.O.S. and GREENPEACE. PERSONAL INTERESTS: water sports, experience in handling speed boats (plastic and inflatable boats), water ski, wind surfing. He worked as d.j. and plays music and is a collector of musical vinyls since 1970 and plays music in musical bands (bass guitar) since 1976. Email: BRIEF C.V. MARIA CHORIANOPOULOU Maria was born in '64 in Athens. She studied at the Fine Arts School of Aristoteles Univercity of Thessaloniki.With teachers: Vangelis Dimitreas, Makis Theofylaktopoulos and Jason Molfessis. She worked as an assistant to sculptor Jason Molfessis in Athens, Aegina and Paris.She watched seminars "Theoretical and stage teaching theater 'with the teachers: Tito Vandis, Aspasia Papathanasiou, Stathis Leivathinos, Sophia Spyratou etc." fundamentals in animation "with Kalamaras Philip and 'scenario-directed-production and film history" next to: Nikos Leros, John Karampitsos and George Mouzakiti. Since 1993 she directs and edits scenography and costumes for children plays. She attended for a year environmental seminars Y.PAI.TH. "Geoenvironmental-Geomythologikal paths". She has presented at the International Conference GEOSCHOOLS at the National University of Athens hanging on "the cinema in education." She has worked at the National Library of Greece. Active teacher since 1990 and develop environmentally and theater programs. Solo exhibitions: November 2012 "Musical calligraphy" in the artistic cafe "stou Stratou", Athens. December 2008 Ash in Art, Athens. November 1995 Gallery Ersi Athens. She has participated in over 30 group exhibitions in Greece and abroad. She is a member of the Artistic Chamber of Greece, the Association of Art Teachers and the International Union of Mail Artists Email: See our activities here: and here: communication:

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