The Unmentionables

Providing forcibly displaced individuals and communities around the world with safe and consistent access to sexual and reproductive health education and more
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The Unmentionables is a non-profit organization which provides global refugee populations with goods considered “unmentionable”: underwear, sexual health products and culturally-sensitive feminine hygiene products. We provide these unmentionable necessities to men, women and children who aren't very visible. These products inspire self-respect and promote safety. We are an international group of practical people, obsessed with logistics, who cannot bear to see vulnerable populations go bare. Join us in equipping vulnerable populations to be a little less vulnerable.

The Unmentionables is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing intimate sanitation, hygiene, and sexual and reproductive health rights for displaced people around the world.
The Unmentionables Resource Center is a large, bright, and welcoming community-centric space in the heart of Athens. The Center's two classrooms are used to teach our Sexual and Reproductive Health Education program and our youth photography empowerment program, UnExposed. The larger classroom is also home to our free shop, where 'unmentionable' items—like condoms, menstrual hygiene products, and underwear—can be bought with points earned by participating in our classes and workshops. The Consultation Room, a comfortable and private space, is used weekly by medical and psychosocial support partners to provide hard-to-access care and support services to the people we work with.

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