Birth Companions International

Providing care and companionship for pregnant or immediate postpartum families. This is NOT a medical group, that is, we are not providing medical care.
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After spending almost a month in Thessaloniki working with families who are either expecting a baby or have a newborn, I realized that something that is missing is simple companionship, the kind that pregnant women in wealthy countries pay a lot of money for.  

We have started to reach out to pregnant and newly-birthed mothers in the Thessaloniki and Policastro area and they want our companionship! You have to dedicate yourself to being on call for the family or families you decide to work with, but you can also spend your days at other volunteer jobs (driving, warehouse work, etc).

We have immediate need! Greek speakers, Arabic, Kurdish speakers welcome!! But the work is really non-verbal and all you need is an open heart, a smart phone and some guidance (supplied by BCI).

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