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Project Hope 4 Kids is an American, Non-Governmental Organisation, providing non-formal education English and mathematics classes to refugees in Greece.  We also provide sport, art and craft activities for children age 3 - 18 years old. 

The worldwide humanitarian organisations are taught to supply and meet the demands of Shelter, Food and Water first, just as it should be. But when it comes to child refugees, education is as important as shelter and clean water for these children. Most refugees have been out of school for months and some for years.

Project Hope 4 Kids aims to change that. We are committed to bridging the education gap for refugee children and adults by preparing them for the transition into a formal education program upon resettlement. Our program of non-formal education not only facilitates the transition from camp to their new future in formal schooling, but also reminds children about the importance of rules and discipline, norms and values, and the strong power of feeling proud of oneself by learning something new. 

Our Mission

It is our mission to deliver non-formal education consisting of English and Mathematics classes to children 3 - 18 years of age. In addition to the children, we also provide English classes for adults.  Next to that, we hold a high regard and belief for the importance of the arts especially in children lives.

It is our goal as an organization to provide refugee children with non-formal education to help bridge the education gap from the time they flee their countries to the time they resettle or claim asylum. By providing consistent classes and structure in a loving and warm environment we help the children know the educational and social skills that will be expected of them when they leave us.

Where We Work

Filippiada camp

Neochori center, Ioannina

Jannena House, Ioannina


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