We Jam inEUmanity

We Jam inEUmanity gathers discarded fruits as a community& knowledge creating process and transforms them into marmalade with a political message to EU citizens. The material flow is reversed,transport from Greece to North Western Europe is needed. Project is replicable and communal process makes spin off projects possible.
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The asylum policies of EU are about to go to the next level of inhumanity. Deportations to Greece are re-activated and the proposed law Dublin IV is about to further tighten asylum seekers’ rights by criminalising migration, denying access to protection and other human rights.

We see the bitter oranges of Athens as symbol of this broken proposal : “We jam inEUmanity!” gathers the bitter fruits, transforming them into sweet marmalade. Through our city harvest walks and kitchen jam production, we create community and energy, standing against politics of exclusion. The jars are the means to spread information and raise awareness

The project is part of the international campaign inEUmanity.

From April the jars of marmalade from need to travel to Western Europe, where they  will be distributed in order to mobilise already politicised people. They mostly will be use d by mobile action kitchens and feed+inform people  action camps.

In Athens and elswhere, the project can be replicated and transformed and we are happy to give information about   it!

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