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Registered NGO caring for refugees and other displaced people in Subotica, Belgrade and Sarajevo by engaging volunteers to step in where governments and large organizations do not.
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Collective Aid is run by a flexible core team of long-term volunteers, supported by a dynamic and ever-changing group of short-term volunteers from all around the globe. All of us are committed to bring dignity and care to refugees and other displaced people across the Balkans. Our lasting mission is to observe and act, to always be ready to fill the gaps left by other aid actors, to collaborate with anyone who shares our aim of making life better for people living as refugees in the Balkans; but most importantly: to always work in solidarity and respect.

Our projects are all different types of aid, currently: 

In Belgrade, we are running a WASH (WAter, Sanitation, and Hygiene) project. We currently have a center operating in the city of Belgrade. In the center, we provide hot showers and laundry services. We are also able to take border violence reports through this center.

In Sarajevo, we are currently running an NFI (Non-Food Items: Clothes and Hygiene) street distribution project. We distribute items to small groups at different locations in Sarajevo from our van. The main work we need help with at the moment is sorting stock, getting vehicles ready for distribution, and assisting in the running of distributions. 

In Subotica, we are running a project in which we provide shower and laundry services to people on the move from our van. We are also able to provide some NFI (non-food items) such as clothes and shoes, and we do weekly food drops. We are also able to take border violence reports.

Please visit our social media channels or website to find out more information about Collective Aid and the work we do. 

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