The Good Souls

Portraits and stories of Volunteers :: photographer Dan Haimovich
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“Good Souls” is a photo portrait series by photographer Dan Haimovich.

When volunteering in Greece, Dan was inspired by the hundreds of volunteers who had left their everyday lives, and had committed themselves totally to helping the refugees who arrive to Greece daily from Syria during their quest for freedom without expecting anything in return. The story of these Good Souls is really what this project is all about – meeting the people and trying to understand their motivation.

This project consists of portraits taken on location accompanied by short articles written by Dan and  the volunteers themselves.

Dan Haimovich, is a well-known professional freelance photographer. In recent years, Dan chose to focus on documentary projects aiming for social and political impact.


Please contact If you wish to participate and be photographed.

Also, if you know of intersting stories and main characters, Dan will be visiting ( end of May 2017 ) in north greece and Lesvos. 

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volunteer experiences for «The Good Souls » :

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