The Schoolbox Project

Provides mobile trauma-informed education, art and play to children and families displaced by crisis.
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The Schoolbox Project is a 501c3 organization that provides mobile, trauma informed education, art and play to children displaced by crisis. Our volunteers come from around the world to go through our specialized training on how to work with children who have been through trauma and are now living in a camp environment. As a committed member of on the ground, anti-trafficking and protection team efforts, we train our volunteers to be watchdogs for vulnerable children and unaccompanied minors that may otherwise slip through the cracks. 

Each Schoolbox is:

** An art and play program- rotating crafts and art projects for children who have little opportunity for creativity and emotional expression during an extended time of trauma. Quieting, reflective and nature-inspired activities are emphasized.

Current Locations:

** SBX currently has one location in Greece, in Andravida at LM village (4/5 hours west of Athens).

Current Needs:

** SBX is looking for volunteers for a minimum of four weeks (volunteers who are able to stay longer than this are given priority); previous experience working with children is essential, a backround in psychology, education or social work is preferred but not essential. 

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