ICOARM (International Collective Operations Aiding Refugees and Migrants)

ICOARM is a U.K. registered charity focusing on the needs of asylum seekers, refugees, and migrants.
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ICOARM is an international organisation founded in 2016 as a response to the world’s largest refugee crisis. Our aim is to provide aid for refugees and migrants in dire circumstances, in spirit of humanity and with respect to UDHR. Our mission is to provide emergency relief, protection, empowerment, and advocacy to displaced refugees and migrants across the globe. Our team will strive to achieve this mission by implementing humanitarian programmes focusing on human welfare, dignity, and rights.
ICOARM is the collaboration of four international members dedicated to protect, advocate, empower and provide emergency relief to displaced refugees and migrants across the globe. We envision a world where every refugee and migrants rights are fulfilled and their human dignity is respected. 

Further inquiries please contact:

Fundraising and Promotion
Head of Dept: Kendi Kodra

Policy and Advocacy
Head of Dept: Jola Mecani

Project Operations and Case Management
Head of Dept: Dayna Santana

Finance and Accounting
Head of Dept: Michael Zihan Jin

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