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Our mission is to assist refugees, displaced persons and those affected by disasters on the basis of humanitarian principles and human rights. We aim to empower local communities, NGO’s and governments to respond in emergency situations through promoting a culture of good governance and volunteering.
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Koče popovića 9/11, Belgrade 11000, Serbia
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Refugee Aid Serbia is a non-govermental organisation that began as a collaboration of concerned citizens operating out of the centre of Belgrade. Since we have witnessed the offcial closure of the Balkan route last year, we cater to refugees, asylum seekers and migrants who have become stuck in Serbia. We have three main branches of our organsation:

1) We deliver humanitarian aid throughout mobile teams in the centre of Belgrade and in camps around the country, we distribute clothing, shoes and hygiene items.

2) We have partnered up with another NGO to run an educational and recreation centre 'The Workshop' in the centre of Belgrade. The workshop runs from Monday-Friday from 2pm-7pm. We provide lessons in English, science, maths and art. We also provide creative workshops for activities. We cater to both adults and children with all levels of education.

3) The Odyssey Project is a documentary where part of our team are tracing one of the main migration routes from Turkey to Belgium. Along the way they will be stopping off at key locations and bringing the migration crisis back into the public eye in a humanisaing and dignified light. 

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