A dedicated space for people affected by humanitarian crisis to rate and review humanitarian services and service providers
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re:viewed is a new initiative created by a small, international and virtual team. We are creating an online platform to enable those in receipt of humanitarian assistance to rate and review their experience of services and service providers. re:viewers are therefore expected to be from refugee, migrant, displaced or otherwise conflict / disaster affected communities.

We believe that aid is at its best when it listens to people on the receiving end. Moreover, transparent feedback has the added potential of strengthening and incentivising humanitarian accountability commitments - leading to better designed programmes, better aid and better impact. We also think public feedback can better inform giving and help advocate for more grassroots or less known initiatives and organisaitons.

Having just created our pilot site, re:viewed is looking for collaborators in Greece to help us obtain the first reviews. Please get in touch for an informal chat or to find out more!



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