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LATRA INNOVATION LAB is an NGO specializing in S.T.E.M-driven humanitarian education. Our mission is to empower refugees with S.T.E.M skills in order to future-proof their education and successfully integrate them into 21st Century Society.  In order to achieve our mission we place STEM education at the core of a Childhood Development program reaching out to vulnerable refugees and unaccompanied minors between 5-17 years of age who are currently out-of-school. Recognizing the positive impact of STEM in the educational development across different generations, we also train unaccompanied refugees between 14-17 years old in becoming S.T.E.M trainers, and offer teaching apprentices to successful graduates of the program. By using a STEM-centered approach to inspire learners to pursue their education, our organization positively impacts the educational development of young vulnerable learners, and inspires the next generation of changemakers.

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