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AFE run centres for children, women and youth on the islands of Chios, Samos and in central Athens. We respond by providing structured, safe non-formal learning and youth centres designed to provide high levels of psychosocial support. All our centres also meet basic needs, including nutrition and hygiene programmes. We're always looking for volunteers with a background in teaching, youth work and social work to join our team!
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Action For Education (AFE) is an independent, grassroots organisation founded in the UK and Greece in 2017 to develop projects that build pathways back into education for displaced communities. Through a unique methodology developed over the last 3 years, we challenge traditional methods of how emergency education can be carried out in humanitarian contexts.

AFE strives to demonstrate the power of grassroots actions and how civil society can inspire change. The core team has extensive experience working in this specific humanitarian educational context having developed and managed Refugee Education Chios for over 3 years.

We currently have projects running on the islands of both Chios and Samos.

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