Moria Medical Support

Emergency medical care during the night at camp Moria
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Dear Colleges, Nurses/Doctors/translators,

Moria Medical Support provides emergency medical care outside office hours.
We work in a small dedicated team of at least 5 medics* + 2-3 non medics** for crowd control
and 2-3 translators.

Medics: doctors, nurses with at least 1 year of clinical experience in relevant field i.e. general
medicine, surgery, family medicine, psychiatry, emergency.

Crowd control: stress resistant multitaskers with good people skills from any background i.e. teachers.

Translators: flexibel translators for French, Arabic, Farsi, Kurdisch.

We see +- 100 patients per evening, some running noses, but also victims of rape in the camp, attempted
suicides, women in labour, florid psychotic young men, septic elderly, to name a few. 

Are you available for at least 2 weeks ( shorter is negotiable when you have been on a BRF
or similar mission before) please contact If you are not available, but you are willing to make a contribution in an other way, please get in contact as well. If you have any questions, don't hestitate to contact us, preferably via e-mail.

Kind Regards,

Moria Medical Support


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