Ecopolis is a social space in the center of Thessaloniki, devoted to solidarity and ecology. Since 2015 we have been actively helping refugees fleeing war and troubled areas. We organise solidarity meals, greek and enlish language lessons for refugees and migrants, we distribute clothes, personal care items and other goods. At the moment we aslo run the Home for All project, in order to house and support a group of homeless Pakistan refugees. We are in constant need of all kinds of donations including foodstuffs, furniture, clothes, personal care items, financial support, as well as volunteers willing to take part in our activities! Everyone is welcome to visit our space and take action with us!
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Another world is possible!

A world that no violence will prevail and wars belong to the past. A world of peace, justice, freedom and solidarity. We, the people of Ecopolis, dream of a planet where humans and all feeling beings live together in peace. A planet where there will be no exploitation of humans and animals from humans. And for this constantly strive. Among others, we take part in the cological movement, the human rights protection  movement as well as the animal rights protection movement. And by all means, we make sure to practise solidarity every single day. We organise solidarity meals for homeless and disadvantaged fellow citizens and we distribute clothes, personal care goods, foodstuffs and all things necessary. We also foster stray animals and make sure to find them forever homes. In the last couple of years, we fully and actively supported the refugees that fled from war, civil conflicts, violence and persecutions. We found ourselves in Eidomeni, where we created -together with others- COLORS Open Kitchen, and we tried our best to provide humane living conditions to the refugees hemmed in there. After the evacuation of the camp, we carried on with our work in the city of Thessaloniki.

We need your help in order to keep on helping people and all breathing and feeling beings. Everyone is welcome to take part in our collective activities and every contribution is important. Financal contributions will certify that continue to provide solidarity meals as well as the rest of our solidarity actions and the donations of foodstuffs, clothing, furniture, personal care goods are always greatly appreciated. 

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