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We are focus on creating effective 'Communities of Practice' (COPs) for teachers/educators/facilitators in this context where they can draw on the collective knowledge from the field and the experts ready to help so that they can improve their programs and increase their positive impact.
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Our mission is to build a target, action-orientated Communities of Practice to empower non-formal educators of displaced learners help their students address the short-term and long-term needs of their personal learning journeys.  

We believe that in non-formal and informal educational settings, sharing experiences with peers, can save teachers time and energy on planning lessons and designing high quality learning experiences.  This can build a more collaborative community, reduce work stress, increase confidence for inexperienced teachers, and allow for more student-centered learning. However, the reality is that teachers who are already overworked and thinly stretched are spending valuable time and energy sifting through countless resources designed for formal educators and adapting them to meet their students’ needs. Since this is often done in silos where it is not captured, recorded or shared, it is difficult to build on the collective knowledge of one’s peer group.  All the hard and creative work done in this context is being lost. Team Up 2 Teach is trying to shift this reality into one that creates value.  

Our aim is to raise the quality of non-formal education offered to refugees in the Balkans and Greece, by assisting teachers in the process of developing “ground up”  collaboration, collection, and curation of teaching resources: lesson plans, activities, and project ideas that have been generated in the field.

Join the conversation on a FB group we facilitate - Refugee Education - Balkan Peninsula and  check out our platform where we are collecting relavent resources and started to form these Communities of Practice.


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