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Northern Lights Aid (NLA) is a Norwegian-based NGO focused on providing humanitarian aid to asylum-seekers currently residing in Greece. Our team currently works to improve the quality of life and create community-oriented projects, serving refugee communities residing in government-run camps and surrounding environments. The organizations operates in collaboration with residents of the camps, locals from surrounding communities, the Greek government, and international NGOs to build sustainable projects to benefit the quality of life for refugees. NLA provides actions in multiple areas including informal education, skill sharing workshops, NFI support and integration.

Classroom and Library
The primary, and most impactful projects Northern Lights Aid currently offers are regularly scheduled classes, which focus on teaching essential language skills to the residents of the Kavala camp. These classes, which occur five days per week, employ the knowledge of our talented volunteer teachers who use their skills and enthusiasm to create and enact lesson plans that engage and teach practical language principles to students young, old and of all skill-levels. Our classroom also holds a library where any interested individuals may check out a variety of books in English, Greek, Arabic, Farsi and other requested languages. 

Skill Sharing Workshop
​One of the other primary projects NLA currently operates is a workshop where those with a creative side can learn and share skills related to arts, crafts, carpentry and more. The workshop not only provides participants with useful skills like sewing, woodworking and weaving, but also provides them with an outlet for their creativity, connects them to people who they may not otherwise interact with and introduces them to  local community members who are invited to host classes. 

Free Clothing Store
Northern Lights Aid currently operates a store in Kavala to provide free clothing and other personal items to residents of the Kavala camp, as well as locals in need. An alternative program, which also operates out of this space, is a service to provide women with essential personal items such as bras and underwear, hygiene products, as well as a range of products for infants. 

Integration Events
Our team in Kavala hosts a variety of events and parties in collaboration with locals and camp residents. These activities include sporting events, local, national and international holiday celebrations, movie nights and more. It is the goal of the organization to not only provide for the basic needs of beneficiaries, but to urge both the local community and residents of the camp to interact and form bonds which will enable the local refugee community to adapt and integrate into their new surroundings. 




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