Sissa Education

Provides non formal education to vulnerable children in Athens
27. August 2018
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27. August 2018
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The aim of Sissa  is to provide education and support to vulnerable children and teenagers currently living in Athens, Greece.  Our goal is to help them develop their intellectual and interpersonal abilities while enjoying in a safe and reassuring space.

The learning program offered consists on the next subjects: English, Maths, chess, art and outdoor activities (games, sports…). Through them, children will not only acquire contents but will also develop skills such as concentration, memorizing, team building… They will have a chance to express themselves and to do daily physical work.

Also, as the main goal of this project is to facilitate the access and integration of refugee children into the Greek national school system we consider essential the acquisition of certain abilities: respect for a framework, a structure and a schedule, in order to reach the standards needed for a social cohesion. For that reason, we will also support parents and children through their integration at schools.

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