Afghan Community in Greece

Our organization aims to connect Farsi and Dari speaking refugees with the local community in Athens. We provide support with asylum-seeking, language education, job seeking, childcare, legal advice, and provide a social community to help people form connections,enjoy our culture, and integrate.
29. November 2018
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29. November 2018
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solomou 25, Athens, Greece
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Afghan Community in Greece is a support service that aims to help refugees intergrate into Greek society. Our community became the offical, licenced Afgan community of Athens in 2008, and has been provding many types of support to Farsi and Dari speaking refugees ever since. 

We provide support in the asylum-seeking process by offering legal advice, and providing Skype access for asylum interviews every working day. We are well known by the asylum service, so can help many of our refugees gain asylum. 

We also provide language classes in Farsi, teaching English, Greek and Persian literacy. We are looking for volunteer teachers that can teach these languages at beginners-advanced levels. We are also looking for volunteers that could teach German, French and IT skills. 

We provide a kindergarden to take care of refugee children when their parents are at legal or medical appontiments, or taking part in our classes, so we are also looking for childcare volunteers. 

We also aim to provide a social community for our refugees, with activities and workshops to help them form connections, learn skills, and make a productive use of their time. If you have a skill you could teach, or would like to help form a sports club or skills workshop (i.e. photography, music, craft...) we would love to hear from you. 

We  aim to share our Afghan culture, so that everyone can enjoy it, and take part in many festivals and celebrations. Come and volunteer to experience our culture! 


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