Love & Serve without Boundaries

Refugee help and education center in Athens
30. January 2019
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30. January 2019
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Serifou 2, Athnina 11254
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We are a group of volunteers who share food, provide a welcoming environment to spend time and offer language classes (English, German, French and Greek) to those who are homeless, whether refugees, immigrants, or locals, as well as other disadvantaged people. We provide a space for social and learning activities. We serve without boundaries.

Volunteers are needed to prepare and serve food, sort clothing in the storage area, teach classes, work with children, and provide general help as needed. Shifts are in the afternoons. We have our own football teams (male and female), a group of women training to be beauticians, and are in the process of adding to our programs. We need volunteers to make this happen. Please contact:


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