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Creating technology tools to help refugee aid organisations coordinate their efforts
1. May 2019
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1. May 2019
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Belgrade, Serbia
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Distribute Aid builds free technology tools to support refugee aid groups. These tools will increase the efficiency and impact of existing efforts, and enable our partners working on the ground to tackle new projects that they otherwise would not have the ability or capacity to start.  Our mission is to use technology to empower individuals and aid groups to better serve their beneficiaries in order to uphold the humanity and dignity of newcomers.


The Distribute Aid platform will offer a set of tools tailored to each area of need. An aid group will sign up, create a profile, and use the tools that best suit them. Our tools focus on a number of key operational areas:

Discovery & Trust: Group Profiles, The Map, Contact Management, Collaboration History

Supply Chain: Inventory/Needs Tracker, Shipment Coordination, Capabilities Tracker

Knowledge Sharing: Standardized Reporting, Group Q&A, Mentorship, Tutorials

Volunteers: Onboarding/Training, Continued Involvement

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