Jasmine School

An educational programme in one of the informal living spaces of Athens. Offering classes for adults and children.
16. May 2019
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16. May 2019
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Welcoming educators, caregivers and fun-time enthusiasts to join our team!

At one of the informal living spaces in Athens, we have established a learning space for children of all ages. The day consists of a ‘Learning through play’ session every day (12pm-2pm) following a weekly theme, and English and Maths lessons throughout the week (2.30pm-4pm). Language classes for adults take place in the evening (5pm-7pm).

We are seeking committed and caring volunteers to join our team to support the children in their learning and wellbeing. Ideally, we are looking for volunteers who can commit a minimum of 1 month, 2-3 times a week. Where you fit in is up to you! If you’re a music enthusiast then you can join in our early music sessions. If you’re excited about learning through play and exploring different topics week by week with a range of ages, then you might like to join our ‘Learning through play’ sessions. If you’re interested in teaching Maths, English or another subject to children of reading and writing age, then you can support our teachers in afternoon sessions.

Though it’s fantastic if you have experience, a commitment to the safety, happiness and well being of the children is the only thing that’s truly essential.

If you have ideas for further projects, may that be art, exercise or other activities please get in touch. We’re really excited to hear your ideas. If you’re looking to start something new, we do recommend a longer time commitment to allow for things to really take shape.

You’ll be supported by an excellent team who are more than happy to share their experience and tips.

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