Mazí Housing Project

Community-based housing. Person-centred casework.
5. February 2020
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23. June 2022
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Mazí Housing Project exists to create safe, stable housing and support for young displaced men who are homeless and unaccompanied in Athens. We support this group because no one else does: they are otherwise at the bottom of the list for housing and other basic services.

Men in this demographic are from diverse backgrounds, and residents in Mazí houses reflect this. Our community-based approach to housing directly engages residents in running their own home and in developing the communication, cooperation, and understanding that this requires.

Each resident is in a different stage of his process in Greece, and in a different stage of his own life. We provide person-centred casework: approaching each person as the expert in his own life, and working with him to understand what he needs and help him reach his goals. This covers everything: from navigating bureaucratic hurdles in Greek society or the Greek Asylum Service, finding an accessible Greek lesson, to making an appointment with a doctor or tracking down a hardwood cricket bat.

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