Interview Transport Support

Provides cash assistance to asylum seekers who have been to their asylum interviews by way of a reimbursement for the public transport they use.
29. September 2020
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29. September 2020
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Northern Greece
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Our Mission Statement

Interview Transport Support’s (ITS) mission is simple: to reimburse the cost of public transport for asylum seekers who have attended their asylum interviews.

In March 2019, an essential service assisting asylum seekers with free travel to their asylum interviews was suspended. Asylum seekers have many concerns on the day of their interview, often uncertain of what will happen to their families, and until earlier this year, the costs of transport wasn’t one of them. Income provided to asylum seekers residing in Greece is limited, and after paying to attend an interview, people are left with little money to sustain their basic human needs.

ITS will remove this financial burden, enabling asylum seekers to attend their interviews knowing that they can be reimbursed for their public transport costs. This will ensure that the most financially vulnerable people don’t struggle to progress with their asylum applications.

To complete a transaction, ITS will require two documents: the individual’s asylum papers, to confirm their identity, the date and place of their interview, and the travel receipts or tickets with corresponding dates and locations.

The organisation will initiate a pilot project for those eligible living in accommodation in towns of Polikastro and Axioupoli. If this proves successful, ITS intends to implement the same service in camps throughout Northern Greece.

Together, we can provide thousands of asylum seekers in Greece with the opportunity to attend their asylum interviews without financial impediment.


We are not operational as we have been in the process of registering with the Greek Government as an NGO. 

As we have now provided as much information as we can we can now operate whilst awaiting their decison - we are looking to start fundraising, outreach and create working relationships with actors on the ground so we can begin operations and start helping people as soon as possible. 

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