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The Chios People's Kitchen is a volunteer kitchen run by refugees who help others by cooking and serving nourishing vegan meals.
(Formerly People's Street Kitchen of Chios:
Since December 2015 when the People's Street Kitchen of Chios Island in Greece was set up, we have served 100s of 1000s nourishing vegan meals to refugees coming to Chios Island, making the dangerous trek across the sea from Turkey.

After the European borders closed in March 2016 and people became stuck on the island we lovingly provided between 1200 and 1400 meals every day to the refugees at Souda camp and Dipethe camp before it closed.

Now our little kitchen has again transitioned and is now fully run by a dedicated team of residents from Souda camp. The team now prepares meals for refugee children going to the Chios Refugee School run by Be Aware and Share. We also make hot tea every morning for the residents of Souda. And we have started making fresh food for toddlers aged between 6-24 months who live at Souda.)

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