Social Community Initiative (SCIO)

SCIO is a volunteer's organization, based in Spain and operating since 1995. Our main idea is to support communities in situation of social risk for recovering their independence and ability to take initiatives.
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SCIO is a grassroots organization focused in working with refugees, returned people and population in social risks in order to provide them tools to take their own decisions and improve their situation. It was created in 1995 and has worked mainly with refugees and displaced people during ex-Yugoslavia war and post-war. Later, among others, we have also worked with roma communities in Spain and with street kids in Ivory Coast. Our main philosophy is based on working together with in-risk populations for reducing the effects of their situation. We work mainly with volunteers, following the principle that volunteers should be people that take a commitment and offer their professional skills to build up long-term projects based in the idea of respect and professionalism. The current team of SCIO includes people that have participated in several development projects all around the world, with long experience in projects of aid/cooperation. Most of our coordinators are professionals of education sector, pedagogues and psychologists. We have now a project for facilitating the re-schooling of children in the refugee's centres in Greece, focused in helping them to recover their abilities to follow formal school and group working.

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