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The mission of the We Are Here! Community Centre is to provide a space within the camp of Nea Kavala (approximately 2,500 people, 50% under 18) where children can feel a sense of routine, safety and validation and begin to get back on track with some of the education they have not had access to, and where adults too are able to learn and engage in activities, by attending courses and workshops. We received formal permission from the army to begin building at the beginning of May and opened our doors at the end of that month. Since the beginning this has been a collaborative effort, with our team working alongside refugees from the camp. Our focus for the initial weeks of the project is to get the children of Nea Kavala into a fixed routine of good quality academic lessons in level-appropriate groups, and to give adults in the camp access to some level-appropriate English lessons, as quickly and efficiently as possible. As soon as this is in place, our attention, organisation and fundraising efforts will turn to complimenting these with other language lessons and a wide variety of activities, services and events for all ages, and also to making the language learning process as efficient as possible. Our long-term goal is for our community centre space to become an educational and social hub and a cohesive source of support within the camp. In order to achieve this we need more assistance on the ground. Short-term and long-term help is valuable and appreciated but we especially hope to find more long-term volunteers with particular skillsets in language teaching, music, art/art therapy, and administration. Look us up on facebook for more information :)

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