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Helping by supplying needs where possible, spiritual and physical care and any other humanitarian help we can give.
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We have worked in Eidomeni since July 2015, when we provided all kinds of relief and food to those passing through quickly. We now have folks working in Verea and Alexandreia,  providing necessary equipment and food to the families as well as looking after the many who need to go to hospital, Drs dentists etc. We also pay for medications etc when necessary. Some families send laundry to be done to our workers homes every week, others come for a shower/ meal when needed. We also hep with transportation costs to go to their Asylum interviews/ or on to their destinations. They provide necessary supplies to families, take people to hospital/doctor/dentist/optician appointments when necessary and do anything else necessary to make the refugees lives easier. They also give advice and guidance to the people on various topics or provide a quiet place outside the camp for people to come to and talk. Based in Wake Forest, VA. Partnering with David & Wilma Lyttle, Giannis & Melpomeni Papageorgiou, Nikos & Paraskevy Dimoliaras.

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