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Komninaki St, opposite Hatzidimou Park, near Bobiras

Nan is a café-restaurant in Mytiline, which was founded by four women with the aim of working together to find solutions to benefit both refugees and local people. Nan restaurant is a project which could never have happened without donations from organisations and friends, and without the help of volunteers. We wish to extend our gratitude to all of them. No funding has come from any government or EU grants.
At Nan we aim to provide an environment and diverse cuisine, both eastern and Mediterranean, where different cultures can meet, integrate and communicate. Where different cultures have the opportunity to share a space and atmosphere in which to foster an understanding of each other and break down barriers. In some cases refugees are still seen in a negative light. This is a serious and sometimes contentious issue, which we will endeavour to address.
After the EU/Turkey agreement the situation in Lesvos has changed. A new approach is needed to deal,26.558923

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This restaurant is just superb! Quality and price are exactly what is needed.

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