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29. December 2018
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29. December 2018
Tags: Greece: North and East | General | arts / sports / music | short-term | long-term | ongoing

Lifting Hands International (LHI) is an organization which runs its educational and recreational programs five days a week for the residents - Yazidi survivors of genocide - of a refugee camp located in Serres, Northern Greece.

We are in need of teachers or experienced yoga practitioners to share classes with children, women, and men. As fitness and dance are an important part of the program, too, having fitness and dance experience can be an  assett. We generally require a 30 day minimum, but are willing to make exceptions to fill gaps. Please email greecevolunteer@liftinghandsinternational.org for more information or visit our website at: https://www.liftinghandsinternational.org/serres

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