Volunteers needed for Women's Education Programme in Athens: MARCH/APRIL 2019 ONWARDS

7. March 2019
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18. March 2019
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We're looking for volunteers to join us in Athens this month and in april. In Athens, we run an education programme as part of a Women’s Centre in partnership with Action for Women. This important centre provides 3 key pillars of support: education, livelihoods and protection.

We're looking particularly for individuals with a background working with refugees and asylum seekers.

Applicants should have experience in teaching but also individuals with creativity, enthusiasm and a wide range of other skills are very welcome!

Minimum commitment: 6 Weeks (a shorter commitment will be considered during march/april)
Shared dormitory-styled accommodation provided. (N.B. we all chip in a small amount each week to cover food for the flat and some utility costs).

Visit our website for more details and to apply:


Amongst the uncertainty experienced by displaced women in Athens who are seeking new and safe livelihoods away from war, persecution and discrimination, the Halcyon Days Project aims to provide spaces of physical and emotional security and of vitality and optimism, where women are supported in developing skills and confidence to rebuild and thrive in their new communities.

Together, Action For Women and Action For Education are starting a Learning Centre for women and girls age 14+.

We're open 6 days a week during which students can access extensive or intensive trauma-informed language courses, support in taking language exams, computer-based and vocational courses, community-based activities and discussion groups.


  • Qualified teachers with classroom experience (minimum TEFL qualification or equivalent) to lead classes of 6-8 girls/women
  • Minimum of 6 week commitment (to provide stability in the classroom)
  • Self-motivated and energetic individuals able to work independently and part of a team of enthusiastic and passionate volunteers
  • People who can start asap
  • Since many of our students and youth centre beneficiaries are under 18, we ask everyone who volunteers with us to obtain or share information of the DBS (basic disclosure). This is a vital safeguarding measure.


  • Free accommodation in shared volunteer apartment
  • Online and offline training on working in trauma sensitive education
  • Experience working as part of a diverse international team delivering a new non-formal learning programme on in Athens, Greece for women and girls from the local refugee and Greek community.

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