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9. May 2019
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3. July 2020
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Med'EqualiTeam is looking for volunteers to join our team on Samos! We treat refugees from Vathy camp, where the population is more than 7000 for this camp made only for 650 people, and only one doctor present in the camp. The location of work is in Vathy, in an office with several consultations rooms, one wound dressing room, and a big waiting area.

We're looking for a medical coordinator to join our team!

Minimum commitment of 4 months


  • Doctor or nurse with some clinical experience
  • Fluency in English
  • Realisation that this is an intense job where a lot of patience, flexibility, creativity and team work will be asked of you
  • Good organisation skills, leadership qualities, teamplayer
  • Very advanced social skills
  • Ability to handle stress


  • Previous experience with working with displaced people
  • Knowledge of another language spoken by people in the camp is very much appreciated (e.g. Arabic, Farsi, French), Greek language
  • Strong interest/experience in mental health. The prevalence of (severe) mental health problems in the camp is very high.


The functioning of the NGO is based on local coordinators : 1-2 admin (responsible of volunteers, translators, admin) and 1-2 medical. The medical coordinators are in charge of the well-functioning of the clinic, helping the doctors with the referrals to the hospital and the other NGOs, communicating with UNHCR and other organisations inside the RIC, etc.

The first month will be worked only as a doctor or nurse to understand the system and the different pathways existing on Samos (as well as the numerous limitations), then together with the other coordinators the volunteer will take shifts leading the clinic, linking with the other NGOs, assisting to health meetings, etc.

Accommodation on Samos in the volunteers house is provided, financial support of some costs can be discussed.

You must ensure your own insurance.

To learn more, apply on the website http://medequali.team/volunteer/

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